Corporate Book Nook

We are pleased to introduce our Corporate Book Nook!  Everyone is invited to take a book, or leave a book!  Here is how it works:

  1. Pick one (or more) books that you would like to read. List is below.
  2. Email Devon at Corporate with your selection.
  3. Devon will put your book(s) in the run bag.
  4. Read and enjoy, but don’t return!  We do not want the Entertainment books back, so please either pass along to a friend or donate to your favorite charity.

Note:  Business Books will need to be returned to the Corporate Book Nook. You may do so by placing them in the run bag to Devon Garton’s attention at corporate. Check out time is 3 weeks.


Business Books

Title Author
Leadership and Self-Deception Arbinger Institute, The
Good To Great Collins, Jim
Power and Influence: Mastering the Art of Persuasion Dilenschneider, Robert L.
Nuts! Freiberg, Kevin & Jackie
52 Killer Marketing Tips Hibbard, sandy
The One Thing Keller, Gary and Jay Papasan
Sell When You See the Whites of Their Eyes Klein, Steve A.
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Lencioni, Patrick
The Power of Full Engagement Loehr, Jim and Tony Schwartz
Performance Coaching (2 copies) Patterson, Kerry and J. Grenny, A. Switzler, R. McMillan
The First Lady of Real Esate:  Ebby Halliday Poss, Michael
The Power of Purposed Performance Tappe, Allen
The Entreprenuer’s Manual White, Richard M. Jr.


Entertainment Books

Title Author
Cursed Clark, Carol Higgins
Gypped Clark, Carol Higgins
Hitched Clark, Carol Higgins
Iced Clark, Carol Higgins
Mobbed Clark, Carol Higgins
Popped Clark, Carol Higgins
Wrecked Clark, Carol Higgins
Zapped Clark, Carol Higgins
Before I Say Good-Bye Clark, Mary Higgins
Daddy’s Gone a Hunting Clark, Mary Higgins
Daddy’s Little Girl Clark, Mary Higgins
I’ll Walk Alone Clark, Mary Higgins
Just Take My Heart Clark, Mary Higgins
The Lottery Winner Clark, Mary Higgins
Moonlight Becomes You Clark, Mary Higgins
No Place Like Home Clark, Mary Higgins
Pretend You Don’t See Her Clark, Mary Higgins
the Shadow of Your Smile Clark, Mary Higgins
Three Novels: “I’ll Be Seeing You”, “Remember Me”, “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” Clark, Mary Higgins
Weep No More, My Lady Clark, Mary Higgins
We’ll Meet Again Clark, Mary Higgins
Dancing in the Dark Clark, Mary Jane
Dying For Mercy Clark, Mary Jane
Footprints in the Sand Clark, Mary Jane
Hide Yourself Away Clark, Mary Jane
It Only Takes a Moment Clark, Mary Jane
Lights Out Tonight Clark, Mary Jane
Nobody Knows Clark, Mary Jane
The Look of Love Clark, Mary Jane
To Have and To Kill Clark, Mary Jane
Arctic Drift Cussler, Clive
Treasure Cussler, Clive
Treasure of Khan Cussler, Clive
Buried Secrets Finder, Joseph
Company Man Finder, Joseph
High Crimes Finder, Joseph
Killer Instinct Finder, Joseph
The Moscow Club Finder, Joseph
Paranoia Finder, Joseph
Power Play Finder, Joseph
Exact Revenge Green, Tim
The Fifth Angel Green, Tim
The First 48 Green, Tim
The Fourth Perimeter Green, Tim
Kingdom Come Green, Tim
The Letter of the Law Green, Tim
Fallout Huston, James W.
Flash Point Huston, James W.
Marine One Huston, James W.
Price of Power Huston, James W.
Shadows of Power Huston, James W.
Altman Code Ludlum, Robert
Ambler Warning Ludlum, Robert
Apocalypse Watch Ludlum, Robert
Bancroft Strategy Ludlum, Robert
Bourne Betrayal Ludlum, Robert
Bourne Legacy Ludlum, Robert
Bourne Sanction Ludlum, Robert
Bourne Supremacy Ludlum, Robert
Bourne Ultimatum Ludlum, Robert
Hades Factor Ludlum, Robert
Icarus Agenda Ludlum, Robert
Janson Command Ludlum, Robert
Janson Directive Ludlum, Robert
Lazarus Vendetta Ludlum, Robert
Matarese Circle Ludlum, Robert
Matarese Countdown Ludlum, Robert
Paris Operation Ludlum, Robert
Prometheus Deception Ludlum, Robert
Road to Omaha Ludlum, Robert
Sigma Protocol Ludlum, Robert
Tristan Betrayal Ludlum, Robert
Book of Fate Meltzer, Brad
Fifth Assassin Meltzer, Brad
First Counsel Meltzer, Brad
Inner Circle Meltzer, Brad
Millionaires Meltzer, Brad
Zero Game Meltzer, Brad
Blacklist Paretsky, Sara
Blood Shot Paretsky, Sara
Body Work Paretsky, Sara
Break Down Paretsky, Sara
Fire Sale Paretsky, Sara
Hardball Paretsky, Sara
Total Recall Paretsky, Sara
By Dawn’s Early Light Shelby, Philip
Days of Drums Shelby, Philip
Gatekeeper Shelby, Philip
Last Rights Shelby, Philip
A Death in Vienna Silva, Daniel
Confessor Silva, Daniel
Defector Silva, Daniel
English Assassin Silva, Daniel
English Girl Silva, Daniel
Fallen Angel Silva, Daniel
Marching Season Silva, Daniel
Mark of the Assassin Silva, Daniel
Messenger, The Silva, Daniel
Moscow Rules Silva, Daniel
Portrait of a Spy Silva, Daniel
Prince of Fire Silva, Daniel
Rembrandt Affair Silva, Daniel
Secret Servant Silva, Daniel
Unlikely Spy Silva, Daniel